Where? Tenerife

With one of their many offices located on the Spanish island of Tenerife, Aproductions receives many benefits such as tax rebates (from 35-40%), low tax rates (only 4%!), discounts on image rights for famous buildings and locations, discounts on select hotels and, of course, the support of the Tenerife Film Commission, including a serviceable coast permit. Permits are especially important as certain island locations are within Teide National Park and as having them can help avoid unnecessary and irritating inspections.


Aproductions’ latest job for the Tenerife Film Commission showcases, for the first time, both their creativity and production services. Remarkably, director and writer Rhoda Wainwright both wrote and filmed “Where Tenerife” exclusively within the month of December 2016. The team worked to accomplish the five requirements of the project, which included that the film reflect the versatility of the locations, display the Tenerife Industry, show trusted locations used to film at in the past, present the tax incentives and advertise the incredible island climate.


During the shoot, completed in a record time of only 2 days, the team traversed across Tenerife to film at a grand total of ten different locations, representing stunning beaches, a volcano, an enchanted forest, mars, both colonial and modern architecture and more. In order to show the best that the island has to offer, Aproductions shot at Las Teresitas Beach and contrasted it with Laurisilva Forest, Lava road and other sites to exhibit that Tenerife is the best set in the world due to its diverse and easily accessible locations.


Even with a tight budget and limited time, Aproductions is proud to have been in charge of this job and eagerly awaits future filming, photography and events on the beautiful and unique island of Tenerife.


What is the Tenerife Film Commission?


The Tenerife Film Commission was formed in 2000 and works to promote productions on the island as a department of SPET – the Tenerife Tourism Corporation. The Commission acts as a link between local administrators and a contact into the Spanish Film Commission (SFC) and the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), as well as offering general and permit-related advice and location scouting.
English: http://www.webtenerife.co.uk/tenerifefilm/
Spanish: http://www.webtenerife.com/tenerifefilm/


Where? Tenerife – Vídeo oficial de Tenerife Film Commission 2017 from Tenerife Film Commission on Vimeo.