Bugatti - Campaign

During the fall of 2016, A Productions cooperated with East West Productions and photographer Bruno Staub to shoot for Bugatti – The European Brand and showcase their newest fashion line. Thanks to team’s comprehensive production knowledge, thorough planning and skilled execution, the project went seamlessly according to plan, which may seem surprising due to Bruno Staub’s artistic process.

Bruno Staub, a French photographer currently residing in New York, is a frequent contributor to many well-known international fashion publications and has a renowned ability to depict exoticism, architecture and strength in his work. For this campaign his unique way of shooting consisted in walking around the city center and photographing in whichever place he could visualize as the setting of his scene. For a production group, this sounds challenging, but A Productions rose to the challenge to provide Bruno with the liberty and spontaneity needed to express his talent. Their success is thanks to their experienced crew and with the help of Madrid City Hall’s filming office which provided them with the necessary large-distance sector filming permits.

The whole campaign was shot September 13-15 in various locations within Madrid city center. In order to satisfy the client’s demand to have the models pictured in every-day settings, some photographs were taken along the streets of Madrid, including the Opera Plaza, Hortaleza, Tutor and others. The team used two different parks: Retiro Park, to utilize the Cristal Palace, Alfonso XII Monument and the Parterre Garden for architecture, welcoming atmosphere and beautiful trees, and Juan Carlos I Park, which added its own unique aesthetic. Casa Mono Restaurant supplied excellent lighting and displayed Spanish gastronomy in an elegant and stylish manner, and the Brezo de Osuna Sports Club provided access to their Olympic-size pool. The art for this project was published in January of 2017.

Bugatti’s visual campaign gave A Productions the opportunity to work with experts Bruno Staub, Iris van Berbe, Nikola Javanovic and others while creatively embodying the capital city of Madrid. As director Boni explains, “Every project we start is important to us,” but the company is also always enthusiastic to form new ties with producers and clients, and working for Bugatti for the first time was no exception.

Bugatti Spring/Summer 2017 from A Productions on Vimeo.