13 December, 2019


Aproductions’ recent work for Nota Bene was a huge success, thanks to both the team and to talented director Greg A. Sebastian and genius photographer Jorge Puente. The job consisted in creating three videos for the distinguished hair product company Pantene, with the intention of generating quality online marketing content for the brand. It was shot during the 15th and 16th of January in Addict Studios of Madrid, Spain and January 18th in Tre Theater of Milan, Italy. Each day was reserved for one of the three celebrities portrayed in these promotional videos.

The stars of this project consisted of Paula Echevarria, Rita Pereira and Chiara Ferragni. Spanish actress Paula Echevarria has starred in a total of nine movies, two theater productions, four different TV series (not including the five others she made an appearance in) and various other programs and films. Rita Pereira, from Portugal, began modeling at the age of 22, has acted and starred in thirteen different shows including as a contestant on the first season of Portuguese Dancing with the Stars. Last, but certainly not least, Italian actress Chiara Ferragni is not only the spotlight of a total of 28 modelling covers, but also a designer, businesswoman, fashion influencer, blogger and writer.

These incredible women are expectedly very busy people with limited time in their schedules, necessitating that the shoots be as fast and precise as possible. The actual shoot action time is also shortened to only a few hours because of the time required for makeup, outfitting and hairdressing preparation. The part of the hairdresser is especially important because they want the hair to be pampered and in the best possible condition in order to produce the most pleasing results. Incorporating the prep work into the shooting schedule was difficult, but definitely not impossible for the team of Aproductions, who used a Red Helium camera and shot from two different camera angles to get the most of their action time and complete the shoot without needing to invest extra hours.

Another complex aspect of the project was the post-production, as Procter & Gamble is a sizeable company of many people and therefore has many opinions to offer. In order to successfully complete the task to the best of their abilities, Aproductions’ implemented various changes over a longer course of time.

The final work was received on March 9th, and will be viewable soon!