Bronze winners at Cannes Lions

2 March, 2020

We are celebrating in AProductions having received a bronze in «Film and Entertainment» of Cannes Lions 2019 for our our latest project for Canal Plus, with creativity from BETC and in collaboration with the producers LA / PAC and Revolver / Will O’Rourke entitled Mission (Really) Impossible.

Our team of more than 100 people was able to turn the city of Madrid into a real action set in just two days and in seven different locations. For this, the work of three units that rolled simultaneously was used:

A helicopter flew over the center of Madrid, another unit covered the different locations and a third focused on props and art, in which, among other things, nine immense containers had to be moved.

As our CEO Agustín González said in the last installment of the magazine El Publicista: “It has been shown that when customers risk the result, it is a success.” In addition to that, it takes a team with a lot of talent, bravery and attention to detail to achieve great things. Congratulations team and for a year full of very possible missions!

Mission (Really) Impossible for Canal +

Dirigido por STEVE ROGERS
DOP: Nicolas Karakatsanis

Creative director: Stephane Xiberras
Creative director: Eric Astorgue
Art director: Romain Ducos
Designer copywriter: Chrystel Jung
TV producer: Isabelle Ménard

EP: Jerome Denis
EP: Patricia Lucas
LP: Eric Lipchitz
1st AD: Didier Mallet

EP: Agustin Gonzalez
International Producer: Susan Walker
LP: Lionel Frid
1st AD: Matthew Launay
2nd AD: Daniel Tornero
PM: Javier Lara
Prod. Coordinator: Maria Revenga Santisteban
Prod. Designer: Isabel Peinado Rodriguez
Unit Manager: Patricia Morán