Víctor Claramunt

Spanish director Victor Claramunt is celebrated for his clever, cinematic, award-winning fashion films. His film Breaking Rules for Bibilou won more than 20 awards around the world – more than any other fashion film last year – including the prestigious Best Director at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival,Best Film/Emerging Artist Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Best Creative Concept at the Mexico Fashion Film Festival, Best Fashion Film at the Australian International Fashion Film Festival and Best Production at the Australian International Fashion Film Festival.
Claramunt began his career as an art director, sharpening his creative eye as a director of fashion films.

There is a magical feeling to everything he shoots. Each piece reflects his unique style – a love for Hollywood cinematography and a smart mix of humor, surrealism, action, and drama. His impressive portfolio includes award-winning films for major brands, including LongChamp, Coca-Cola, PlayStation, Sony Music, Adidas, Andres Sarda, Nestle, and Castrol.