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Terence Neale

Terence Neale was born in Johannesburg. Marked by its unconventional perspective, it has reinvented the visual approach for many clothing brands. His aesthetic has marked a before and after in the audiovisual industry.

Terence attracted international attention in 2012 through a creative collaboration with the rap duo Die Antwoord, first with the pastel-colored piece ‘Baby’s On Fire’, and then with the dark and brutal ‘Fatty Boom Boom’. In 2017, he became the first South African director to win a Grand Prix at Cannes Lions. For the Adidas announcement “Original Is Never Finished”.

Terence’s natural ability is to create original films defined by a unique aesthetic, dark but full of color at the same time. The video premiered on the Rolling Stone website with half a million views in its first 16 hours, and since then it has recorded more than 120 million views on YouTube.