Jerome Walter

Born in Paris in 1985. After completing his cinema degree in Paris, Jérôme moved to Italy to join the award winning art collective; Caucaso Factory of Bologna, creating many performance art pieces, music, photographs and short films.

Back in Paris he began to work on his first feature film; God’s Chairs, with a budget of only 8000 €. The film was later selected for the 2014 Milan International Film Festival.

In 2015 he became scenographer for the show Cabaret Contemporary: Kraftwerk / L ‘Homme Machine. The show was performed in national theaters across France. For the past two years he has written and directed documentaries and music videos for Les Harry’s, a young music group of artists with autism.

For two years now, he has been living Madrid. He made advertising for Avecrem, el festival del Sol, ETB (Publicis, TiempoBBDO, The Cyranos / McCann). He made a long-feature documentary for the Andalucia Institute of Astrophysics in 2017. In 2017 and 2018 he also created three music videos for french bands. He is currently working on his second full length feature and is writing a television show script.