CANAL+ “Mission: Really Impossible”

26 April, 2019

We present our latest project done for Canal + with the creative of BETC and produced by LA \ PAC in collaboration with AProductions and Directed by Steve Rogers.

It has been very enriching to work with Steve Rogers and see the chemistry between him and Nicolas Karakatsanis, the Oscar nominated director of photography for the recently released movie ¨I, Tonya¨.

The film was shot in just two days, which included seven locations and a technical team of more than one hundred people. We had 3 units advancing the preparations for the different Stages of the film, one to shoot the helicopter, one of the roof, and another advancing art in a warehouse location.

The casting was conducted between Paris, London, Barcelona and Madrid to find the perfect fit, something that Tom Cruise himself approved for the promotion and final editing of this film.

¨Mission: Really Impossible¨ portrays an old Tom Cruise and his gang who are have a difficult mission at hand: to get away with thrilling persecutions, octogenarian fights and accidental explosions.

The message that Canal + wanted to convey with this campaign is that films do not age and their audience will always have the opportunity to see the premieres within a mere couple of months from their original release in the cinema.

AProductions is specialized in realising impossible missions,

When are you bringing us yours?

Directed by STEVE ROGERS
DOP: Nicolas Karakatsanis

Creative director: Stephane Xiberras
Creative director: Eric Astorgue
Art director: Romain Ducos
Designer copywriter: Chrystel Jung
TV producer: Isabelle Ménard

EP: Jerome Denis
EP: Patricia Lucas
LP: Eric Lipchitz
1st AD: Didier Mallet

EP: Agustin Gonzalez
International Producer: Susan Walker
LP: Lionel Frid
1st AD: Matthew Launay
2nd AD: Daniel Tornero
PM: Javier Lara
Prod. Coordinator: Maria Revenga Santisteban
Prod. Designer: Isabel Peinado Rodriguez
Unit Manager: Patricia Morán